The Judges Choice 1991

The Kennel Club have twice in the Kennel Gazette featured the Cardigan Welsh Corgi in The Judges Choice.

In 1991 the most freqently selected was Ch Pantyblaidd Pip

Peter Clifton Joseter wrote. Choosing the greats from among the many great the breed has produced over my 40 years in the breed is comprised by selecting those that I would have wished so much to own, and they would all have been superstars in any era.

My first choice Oliver Jones Ch Pantyblaidd Pip. A brindle dog who, I feel was before his time. So totally outstanding in all departments. Sheer elegance when standing and on the move. Doing what all greats do putting fear into their fellow exhibitors just by his presence.

Unfortnately living in Carmarthenshire, Pip was not campaigned a great deal nor overly used at stud, as history proves he should have been. Mudwin his famous son, appears on so many of today's pedigrees and in the States Pip is still regarded with the highest esteem. For in 1969 six of his children were exported to that country. These helped form the foundation stock of many of the American lines of today. The most famous one Am Ch Pantyblaidd Beat produced five Champions and was the granmother of two dogs that took All Breed Bst In show awards on four occasions,

Three most influenial dogs appear on Pip's pedigree 21 times in six generations. Namely Ch Lisaye Rebecca of Greenfarms a personal favourite of mine, Ch Withbrook Brock and my second choice Ch Kenwood Dewin.

Dewin was a really superb red and white who today would be the envy of all. Not just for his lovely colour but for his true breed typewhich he passed onto many of his progeny both home and overseas.

My third choice Ch Debs Delight of Grangefield the breed record holder. Teeming in quality and a great credit to the breed. The tradedy, I feel for the breed was that she was never bred from.

The othe Judges selected the following Cardigans .

Ann Arch (All Breed Judge) In my opinion the greatest Welsh Corgi Cardigan is Ch Joseter Joson, who seems to embody the breed standard. Balance and sound and even now as a veteran, he is a worthy breed representative to send into a group ring. I count myself very fortunate that on my first Ch appointment in the breed, he was entered and became B.O.B. at a club show.

2/ Ch Beckrow Blue Cedar is another that I have had the pleasure to judge and place highly. Very sound and of such a pleasing colour. He was Reserve to Joson at my first appointment of awarding C.Cs and on my next appointment went B.O.B. 

As a comparative newcomer to judging Cardigans at top level I fel it would be presumpnous to make further comments.



Sam McIlrath (All Breed Judge)  In my opionion the greatest ever Welsh Corgi Cardigan was  Ch Wendac Robgwen Midnight Special. He was bred by the late Gwen Roberts and owned by the late Doreen Dodds. He was a superb headed dog plenty of neck on well angled shoulders. Correct front and feet, looked excellent in profile was sound in every way. Above all he was a correct Cardigan.

My second choice would be  Ch Pharoah Of Joseter, owned by Peter Clifton. One would really bracket these two together, such was their superb quality. Pharoah was a lovely bodied dog with a classical head and overall sound as a bell. Again a more typical Cardigan would be hard to find.

My third choice is  Ch Deb's Delight of Grangefield owned  by Doreen Page. Another true Cardigan lovely head and ears, correct confermation which gave her such free movement. This bitch had the stamp of quality all the way through. Unfortunately all three are from the past perhaps a sign that I am getting old.


Daphne Slark.  (Kerridas) Ch Joseter Mudwin must be one of the greats in the breed. Bred in 1971 by Peter Clifton he was a very good looking dog who won 6 C.Cs. He sired eight champions all of whom are still producing champions.

My second place would be  Ch Rozavel Blue Rosette. Bred by Thelma Gray she was the first post war blue merle champion. She won about eight C.Cs and figures prominently in many of todays well known kennels including Bymil, Gorthleck, Lees , Antoc, Beckrow all of whom have champions descending from her. I think the blue merles would not scarcely exist had it not been been for Rose.

My third choice is Ch Pantyblaidd Pip. sire of Mudwin owned by Oliver Jones. Probably a loss to the breed as he was't used by too many breeders. Had he have lived in a more central district he would have been used more.


Sonnica Godden. (Kentwood)  During the time I have been associated with the breed a number of outstanding dogs have graced the ring and some have left their mark. To select the greatest of these is most difficult and I have confined my initial list of ten to those I have known or judged excluding some of my own champions who could have been included.

Before listing my three choices I must mention the influential Ch Withybrook Brock. Bred from the successful Bussieton line this delightful dog first attraced me to the breed and he did so much in the early post war period to improve type an quality when bothwere so diverse.

1/ Ch Pantyblaidd Pip. 2/ Ch Gleghornie Blacktorn, 3/ Ch Pharoah of Joseter.


Sally Verity. 1/ Ch Kentwood Cymro. 2/  Ch Deb's Delight of Grangefield./ 3 Ch Gleghornie Blacktorn.


Arthur Bridge. 1/ Ch Pantyblaidd Pip. 2/ Ch Ringinglow Mory's Treasure. 3/ Ch Ch Kentwood Cymro.


Joe Parkinson. 1/ Ch Kentwood Cymro.2/  Ch Robgwen Blacvk Beauty. 3/  Ch Pantyblaidd Pip.


Ken Lincacre. 1/ Ch Kentwood Anwyl. 2/ Ch Joseter Joson. 3  Ch Robgwen Blacvk Beauty


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