The Joseter Years.


1970 -1979.


During this decade the breed reached the strongest point in its history with many of those that joined the breed during the past decade establishing strong breeding lines. The period saw 52 champions born 25 males and 27 bitches and competition was extremely strong for c.c’s.


The Joseter boarding Kennels became well established adding fifty kennels in the first years of the period. The Peterborough Poodle parlour expanded and moved to a new shop on Eastfield Rd a few minutes walk from the city centre, life was extremely busy. In 1971 I made the 290 mile trip in my Austin A35 van to Whitland in Carmarthenshire, to use my dream dog Ch Pantyblaidd Pip on my red and white Samantha of Joseter. The resulting litter cemented the name Joseter in the breeds history via Ch Joseter Mudwin.


During the period Joseter won 36 c.cs with four males Mudwin, Pharoah, Joseph, Silver Sand and the bitch Joseter Nefrititi along with 3 c.cs with my parents male Ch Willowbeach Bumble Bee and 4 c.cs with Maureen Thomas male Ringinglow Morys.


Part of the Joseter breeding programme was to take a puppy instead of a stud feel this allowed a number of different influential lines to be added to the kennel. The part this played over the coming decades can be viewed via the pedigree links attached.


In 1975 I judged Cardigans for the first time in America doing the sweepstakes at the Cardigan national speciality. From the entry of 69 I awarded best in sweepstakes to Charlie Maciness with Finnshaven Whishy Tax, who also took best of winners under Sonia Godden the next day.


One very sad period was the loss of my Step Farther in 1975 with cancer. Without Chris I do not think that the family would ever had gone into dogs and I would have ventured into other things, thankfully Chris saw Pharoah make breed history at Three Counties by becoming the first and only Cardigan to win overall heat of the Daily Express Dog World puppy of the year stakes.


Towards the end of the decade I felt Poodle grooming was like working on a conveyor belt and decided my life needed a change of direction. The city Poodle Parlour was closed and I took over the running of the Joseter boarding kennels along with venturing into the animal food market place.



Ch Joseter Mudwin.


Sire Pantyblaidd Pip .   Dam Samantha of Joseter.


Born 31st May 1971


Best In show C.W.C.A Ch show 1974.
Dog C.C C.W.C.A Ch Show 1973

Ch Joseter Mudwin.


One of the breeds all time great sires.


Winner of 6 c.cs

Best In show Cardigan Welsh Corgi Ass

National Specialty Ch show 1974.
Dog C.C C.W.C.A Ch Show 1973.


Sire of

Ch Downholme Silversand of Joseter.

Ch Kentwood Taglys.

Ch Pharoah of Joseter.

Ch Rowell Guilty Party.

Ch Rowell Party Spirit.

Ch Willowbeach Bumble Bee.

Ch Bekonpenn Gwyneth. 

Ch Baileswood Geraint. 



Ch Pharoah of Joseter.

Sire Ch Joseter Mudwin.  Dam Daleviz Inga

Born 24 June 1973


23 c.cs 

 Breeder Mr Mrs Finney. 

Ch Pharoah of Joseter.

Made breed history by becoming the very first Cardigan to win a heat of the 1974 Daily Express Dog World puppy of the year stakes.

Best in Show

Cardigan Welsh Corgi National Specialty Ch Show   1975/ 1977/ 1979.

Best of Breed Crufts

1976/ 1977/ 1978.


Sire of 

Ch Beckrow Belle Suzanne.

Ch Doldrum Edwina.

Ch Jubilee Joseph.

Ch Wendac Jaunty.

Ch Wendac Javelin.

CH Jubile Joseph. 

Sire Ch Pharoah of Joseter.  Dam Bekonpenn Carmen 

Born 5th Feb 1977.


To view pedigree click link below


Breeder Handler Peter Clifton Owner Mr Mrs Baxter.

Winner of    c.c.s 

Best in show Cardigan Ass Ch 


CH Jubile Joseph.

Making breed history winning the Pedigree Chum Champions stakes class at Leicester Ch Show over three days under all breed judge Mr W.R.B Pinches.

The Cardigan, that fellow breeders would not purchase when offered for sale. Fellow breeders felt that he was not that good if I was letting him go. The fact was Joseter was overun with top show and stud dogs at that time the lasst thing needed was another male.. Sold to Audrey and David Baxter as a pet on the condition that he return at 6mths, and if still an exciting prospect he would be campaigned by Joseter. Peter was so annoyed with his fellow breeders for not taking this exciting male that he registered Joseph at  the Kennel Club without the Joseter Prefix.

Sire of 

Ch Baileswood Myfanwy Fechan.

Ch Enversue A Dream Come True.

Ch Joseter Joson ROMg

Ch Downholme Silver Sand at Joseter

Sire Ch Joseter Mudwin. 

Dam Downholme Golden Beauty.


Born 6 June 1977.


Breeder Mrs Hart. 

winner of  8 c.c.s 



Res Best in Wortking Group Manchester h Show under the old group award system.




Sire of


Am Ch Kentwood Luc ROMg.

Am Ch Kentwood Lyneth ROMg.

Am Ch Salvenik Sea Treasure ROMg


Jezalin Phantasia.

Litter brother Jezalin Phoenix of Joseter exported to Australia.


Sire Ch Pharoah of Joseter

Dam Jezalin Gypsy Moth


Born 21 Feb 1979

Breeder Miss P Walker


Dam of Joseter Bentinck and Joseter Geefax JW HC ROMs


Bekonpenn Carmen.

 Breeder Mr L Needham.


Sire Ch Joseter Mudwin.

Dam Apollinaris Columbine.


Born 12 June 1974.


Breeder Mr Mrs  Needham,


Dam of


Ch Jubilee Joseph.

Bekonpenn Figaro.


Breeder Mr L Needham .


Sire Ch Joseter Mudwin.

Dam Apollinaris Columbine.


Born 12 June 1974.


Breeder Mr Mrs  Needham,



Jezalin Gypsy Myth.



Sire. Ch Joseter Mudwin.


Dam. Gypsy Gold of Jezalin.


Born. 5 Feb 1976.






Joseter Esmeralda. 


 Sire Pantyblaidd Pip .   Dam Samantha of Joseter.


Born 31 May 1971







CH Ringinglow Morys

Sire. Hezelclose Indigo.

Dam. Ringinglow Brynhall Tamerisk.


Born 5 May 1974


 Breeder Owner Miss Maureen Thomas,


Handled by Peter Clifton to his Championship.

Joseter Nefretiti.


Sire Ch Parmel Deenee.


Dam Joseter Esmeralda.


Born 29 Dec 1973.





Bekonpenn Elenora



 Breeder Mr L Needham.


Sire Ch Joseter Mudwin.

Dam Apollinaris Columbine.


Born 12 June 1974.


Breeder Mr Mrs  Needham,


Dutch Int Ch.Joseter Pharoah Son.


Sire. Ch Pharoah of Joseter.

Dam. Rowell Party Spirit.


Born 29 May 1976.




Joseter J.P


Ch Pharoch of Joseter, Ch Joseter Mudwin.

with Jo Clifton.

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