The Joseter Years.

1980 -1989.





This decade saw vast development of the wholesale animal food business which operated under the name Kennedy Pet Supplies. With the building of the new warehouse on the Joseter Kennels site from which we distributed goods to pet shops and kennels within a 100 mile radius of base. New manufacturing plant was installed for production of home developed brands of dog, rabbit, hamster, chicken and wild bird feeds all selling under our own brand name.



Due to this commitment showing was limited but theJoseter Cardigans continued dominance in the show ring winning 52 c.cs with four males. Ch Downholme Silver Sands at Joseter 7 c.cs. Ch Jubilee Joseph 15 c.cs, Joseter Bentinck 1 c.c. Ch Joseter Joseter 26 c.cs. Aust SA Ch Cambrian Just For Luck of Medea 1 c.c and Ch Rowell  Party Spirit (2)


This period was extremely strong in the U.K. both in Cardigan numbers being bred and shown, all proven by the quality of stock seen in the showrings. The period had 48 future champions born, 19 males and 29 bitches,


The annual Cardigan Welsh Corgi Association national Championship specialities held during the decade Joseter Cardigans winning Best in Show with three males at eight of the ten shows held. Ch Downholme Silver Sands at Joseter (1980). Ch Jubilee Joseph (1981). Ch Joseter Joson ( 1983,


At Crufts Joseter won Best of Breed in 1980 Ch Downholme Silver Sands at Joseter along with the res c.c with Ch Jubilee Joseph. Ch Joson Joson won Best of Breed in 1983. 87,88.89.




Ch Joseter Joson. R.O.M


Sire Jubilee Joseph.      Dam Ringinglow Valentine


Born 17/01/1982


Sired while in the U.K  
Ch Joseter Sonata, Ch Joseter Domino. 

Am Ch Locksleyhall Laird


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Ch Joseter Joson.


Best of Breed Crufts 1987 / 88 / 89 / 1992


Cardigan Welsh Corg Ass

National Specialty Best in Show. 88/


Male C.C Record Holder with 34 C.Cs


Winning his last C.C and Best of Breed at Crufts 1992

judge Miss S. Tonkyn.





Cardigan Welsh Corgi Ass Ch Show.


Judge Dr Ken Liinacre.


With his Best in Show winner


Ch Joseter Joson.


Wiinning the show for the fourth consecutive year.

    Joseter Lifton.

Sire Daleviz Vermillion            Dam Jezalin Phantasia


Born 22 DEC 1980


winner of  2Res .s



Joseter Bentinck  and  Joseter Geefax JW HC ROM

AM CH Joseter Geefax JW HC ROMs

Sire Daleviz Vermillion            Dam Jezalin Phantasia


Born 11 April 1982




Exported to Mr P Ormos and Mrs C Clive 29/07/1988 in the U.S.A

  Joseter Bentinck


Sire Daleviz Vermillion            Dam Jezalin Phantasia


Born 11 April 1982


1 .c.c 


Sire of

Ch Joseter Benita. Ch Lanchester Statesman


AM CH Joseter Geefax JW HC ROMs

In the U.K  sadly only one mating.

Ch Jezalin Crown Jewel.


In the U.S.A.  




CH Joseter Benita.

Sire Joseter Bentinck.   Dam Ringinglow Valentine.

 Born 21/1/1984.


Owner M L Smart and M E Smart.
Breeder Mr P. Clifton.


CC  CRUFTS 1986  ,Res CC CRUFTS 1987,.


Dam of

Ch Rikarlo Brenhines

Joseter Gurly.



Sire. Ch Joseter Joson.   Dam. Joseter Rachael

Born 8 Sept 1983




Joseter Graffiti

Sire. Ch Downholme Silversand of Joseter

Dam. Joseter Classic.


 Born 30 Oct 1987.
Sire of
UK CH Jogela Lawrence,

Aust Ch Cambrian Just For Luck of Medea

 Sire Westavon Sunny Fanfare.              Dam Cambrian I Fancy.

 Breeder Mrs Nan Green. Australia.

Born 20 April1984.


This most out going male owned by Pam Lescohier came to the U.K on his way home to Australia. Thanks to Miss Pam Walker Justin spent 1 year at Joseter then returned to Australia from South Africa. Justin won 1 c.c and 1 res c.c while in the U.K. before returning to Australia and reunited with his owner.

Joseter Tansy.

Sire. Aust Ch Cambrian Just For Luck of Medea.

Dam Joseter Tanner.

Born 14 Nov 1984.





Ch Rikarlo Ormolu.


Norwegian Buhund.


Breeder Mrs M and Miss L Smart.

Owner Peter Clifton.


Sire Rikarlo Aaran.


Dam. Kirsty Norm.


Born 7 May 1984.

Joseter Akko Jarrow


Sire Joseter Bentinck.


Dam. Ringinglow Valentine.


Born, 21 Feb 1984.