The Joseter Yerars.


1990 - 1999.


In Feb 1992 after winning Best of Breed at Crufts for the fifth time, the record breaking Ch Joseter Joson left for the U.S. with my long time friend and breeder Helen Bole Jones. We both believed that he needed to move on for the betterment of the breed, time proved us both right.

The decision to let Joson leave was that he was seldom used at stud outside of of Joseter. I felt extremely disappointed that my fellow breeders had turned their backs on this great winner, and his tight pedigree, that had proved so beneficial to the breed over the past twenty years. This proved one of the big mistakes made by others in the history of the breed. Today he features heavily in today's Joseter top Cardigans via his U.K. progeny along with many other lines in Americas and other counties around the world.

Accomplished breeder Jon Kimes (Pluperfect} later wrote that one of Helen Boles Jones most significant accomplishments achieved was the bringing of Eng Ch Joseter Joson to America. It struck me as oddly preposterous, this big winning but little used dog making a significant life change at 10 years of age. But over he came and Joson made a huge impact on American breeding programs.

In the U.S. while never shown at my request he was appreciated by American breeders both for his quality and strength of pedigree. Joson became a distinguished and influential sire in the breed In short period he was used at stud gaining the R.O.Mg. This awards the highest level attainable requiring the most progeny along with points earned by those progeny. Very few attain the R.O.M.g award.

In the U.K. Joson was a record breaking national speciality best in show winner, and in the U.S. he produced quite a number of American Cardigan national top awards winners. These include the 1993 American national the best in show Ch. Springshire’s Carrousel sired by Am Ch Locksleyhall Laird a son of Joseter Joson. The 1995 American national best in sweepstakes Llanbryn Trailwyn Clenbren was a dauther of Joson, and the 1996 best of opposite in sweepstakes, Mariel’s Sweet Dreams, a dauther of Evan Evans who was sired by Joson. The 1998 American national best of breed opposite Ch, Am Ch, Can Ch, Phi-Vestavia Evan Evans a son of Joson The 2004 American Cardigan National best in show from the veteran classes CH Mariel’s Sweet Dreams was a Josons gran daugther sired by Evan Evens. Other winners can be viewed via the CWCCA web site national speciality results 1993 -2004.


Joson passed away after suffering a stroke at Kennebec, Ohio in July 1998, aged 16. He passed away knowing that his son  Ch, Phi-Vestavia Evan Evans had just won best of breed opposite at the 1998 national handled by his owner Peter Clifton who was also returning with Evans to England. Joson also had a final tear full final reunion with Peter at Kennebec (see Photo) after the national, Later he looked down to see his son follow in his footsteps and the Joseter tradition by going best in show at the U.K. Cardigan Welsh Corgi Ass national championship show in 2000.


Ch Joseter Joson.


at play at Kennebec


with his beloved ball.


and a


legacy that lives on








Having judged the breed many times overseas and I was delighted to be asked to judge again in the U.S. This time a regional speciality at Rubber City which followed the 1992 Cardigan American National Speciality 50th anniversary show at Rubber City, From a very large quality entry I found my best of breed in a young tri bitch that went on to have a spectacular show career Ch. Phi-Vesta via Truth or Dare owned by Lisa Phillips. Another judging highlight quickly followed when I was judged the Cardigan American National Speciality in 1997 at Berrien Springs. My best of breed came from the veteran class in the beautiful seven year old Phi Vestavia Original Sin Am CDX HS ROMs handled and owned by Doris Slaboda. B.O.O.S Ch Davenitch Victorian Turret owned by Dianne Proeber. Best of Winners AM CH Heritage Hill Atadbad owned by Debbie Moore. While I was extremely pleased with my winners from the breed classes, which could compete across the world, the breed overall had not advanced to the standard I projected when I first judged in the U.S in 1975. Also I was very disappointed with the youngsters, especially in males. This was I, like many others hoped was a one off year, otherwise it would not stand the breed well for the future.




Ch Joseter Domino.


Sire Ch Joseter Joson.

Dam Gwenlais Ffreda Ffraeth.

Date of Birth. 31 May 1990.


Best in Show Cardigan Ass Ch Show 1992.


Sire of Ch Jogela Benjamin.



Ch Joseter Chivas  and  Ch Joseter Cardhu.


Sire Joseter Hassle     Dam Joseter Campan.

Born 18 Feb 1995



From the same litter the red and white Joseter Regal at Tamlin the foundantion of Tamlin Cardigans winning 2 c.cs. 

Ch, Am Ch, Can Ch, Phi-Vestavia Evan Evans.

Sire. Ch Joseter Joson ROMg.                                  Dam. Am Ch Phi-Vestavia Luck Be A Lady ROMg. Date of Birth. 22 Feb 1993.

C.W.C.C.America National Specialty 1998.

Best of Opposite. Judge Jon Kimes. Handled by Peter Clifton.

U.K Cardigan Welsh Corgi Association Championship National Specialty. 1999. Res Dog c.c. Judge Mrs M Parsons. 2000. Best in Show. Judge Mr A Wight,



Joseter Walker.

Sire. Joseter Hassle.   Dam. Joseter Campan.

Born 5 Jan 1994.


! C.C. and  4 res C.s plus

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Association Championship National Speciality 1994.  Res Dog C.C. Judge Mrs F Somerfield.

Am Ch Joseter the Blue Cafe. 

Sire. Joseter We Tri-Ed.      Dam.Joseter Hawai. 


Born 6 Nov 1998.


1 C.C and 2 Res .C.Cs before leaving for the U.S with new owner Owner Mrs S Hobbs.

Ch Joseter We Tri-Ed.


Sire Ch Corben Try Try Again.  Dam  Ch Joseter Chivas.


Born 17 March 1997.


Joseter Campan. 


Sire. Joseter Graffiti. 

Dam Badimara Agweddi of Joseter 


Born 14 April 1889. 


1 C.C

 Joseter Sanderman



Sire    Ch Joseter Joson.


Dam. Jogela Luinda.


Born. 12 March 1990.


Joseter Fletcher.



Sire. Joseter Stroller.

Dam. Joseter Delta.


Born. 20 July 1995.



Photo taken at Joseter.


Peter, Lee Dale from Gobelin Kennels (Australia).


The dogs are

Ch Joseter Chivas, Joseter Blue Cafe, Ch Joseter Sonata, and Joseter Sanderman.