Welcome to Peter Clifton's  Illustrated Breed Standard

of the Welsh Corgi Cardigan.


This is provided in chapters covering every section in the order of the Kennel Club breed standard.

The education programme is presented for breeders, judges of all levels and anyone interested in the breed, now and for its long term future.

The education programme will be amended when alternative improved material becomes available.

My thanks to fellow breeders whose advice and photographs of unknown Cardigans, without which, this project would not have been possible.


While this education programme is Copyright of Peter Clifton, breed clubs or fellow breeders are welcome to link this programme to ones own site, and use it material in breed seminars. We ask to be notified by email at cardiganuk1@joseter.co.uk of ones intentions and we will be pleased to add a return link from Joseter to your site.

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                Chapter One.                                        Chapter Two.                         Illustrated Standard                                   Breed History.                            

                  Chapter Three.                                   Chapter Four.

                          Head.                                               Eyes.

                Chapter  Five.                                      Chapter Six.

                       Ears.                                                  Mouth.

             Chapter  Seven.                                Chapter Eight.

               Forequarters.                                          Body.

              Chapter Nine.                                          Chapter Ten.

               Hindquarters.                                                 Feet.

                  Chapter Eleven.                               Chapter Twelve.

                          Tail.                                               Movement.

          Chapter Thirteen.                                   Chapter Fourteen.

                   Coat.                                                      Colour.

            Chapter Fifteen