The Joseter Years.


2000  - 2009.


Evan Evans returned to America having become a U.K. Ch winning 14c.cs and being top dog in the breed during his two years in the U.K. He also left progeny in the U.K. that would feature in the breed for years to follow. Five more Cardigans joined the ranks of champions at Joseter, plus many national speciality winners both at home and America.

The 2000 and 58th American Annual National Speciality April 16-23, was judged by Bridget Smeeton, NZ and I was privileged to handle to an award of merit Ch. Trailwyn Overnight Express owned by Paul & Doris Slaboda. Following the national was a supported show and which I handled him to best of opposite.

At the 2003 American Annual National Speciality I handled my home bred Joseter Blue Cafe now owned by Shirley Hobbs to Best of Winners and Best of Breed Award of Merit.

The 2004 American Cardigan National Speciality Helen ask me to handle Am Ch Mariel's Sweet Dreams. To win best in show at one homeland national specially always a very special moment, but to win this prestigious award at an overseas national speciality, under on the day two different judges, I will always rank one of proudest handling moments, and one I will never forget.

For the American Cardigan National Speciality in 2005 I flew over with Joseter Ardbeg Malt who was staying for a short period with Helen Jones. Ardbeg was entered in the Megan Competition and took Best of Opposite Sex, a great start to her American show career.

Ardbeg returned to the U.K. with her American title, just in time for the 2006 C.W.C.A National Specially., winning the Bitch C.C and Res Best in Show under breed Judge Mr Jon Kimes, a great welcome home.

In order to strengthen my own breeding line Helen Jones let me bring from the US Am Ch Kennebec Jolly Roger This dog we both felt had a wonderful length of stride along with an effortless freedom of movement that was seldom seen in Cardigans. Jolly Roger won his U.K. champion in three consecutive shows shortly before Helen died. I know she will look down with great pride on the following generations and the trust we both placed in this dog, for it paid huge dividends not just for Joseter or Kennebec but the breed world wide, and will long live in the breeds history.

This decade Anne decided to retire from her active roll in the business, we disposed of a couple of shops one of which had been in her family home that she grew up in. Next we sold the wholesale side of the animal food business that operated from our warehouse situated beside the kennels. This left us with the animal and wildbird food manufacturing, wild bird food internet business and cash and carry which along with the dogs gave me sufficient duties to keep me well and truly busy seven days a week. The wild bird food side of the business grew to be a market leader with a range of fortyseven different specialist foods for wild life, all manufactured in house. We also carried a vast range of wild life feeders, with everything being sold, packed and shipped on next day delivery service via our web site Kennedy Wild Bird Food to households throughout the U.K. 

We fulfilled a dream of many years when we purchased a home in Florida, which enabled us both to get away from everything, relax and enjoy the sunshine state without any communication in the outside world became the norm for just a week, month or whatever time we could be away for.





Joseter Double Wood.                      Joseter La-Froygs


Sire Ch. Lanchester Statesman.     Dam. Ch Joseter Chivas.

Born. 17 April 2000.

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Joseter Inch Cowell

Ch, Am Ch, Can Ch, Phi-Vestavia Evan Evans.  

Dam Joseter Campan.

Born 15 April 1999.


Ch Joseter Little Mill Malt.  and Ch. Ir. Am Ch Joseter Ardbeg Malt.


Sire. Ch Jogela Benjamin.   Dam. Joseter Inch Cowell.

Born 20 Dec 2002..



Ch Joseter New Generation.


Sire. Joseter Doublewood. 


Dam. Joseter Inch Cowell.


Born 7 Feb 2004.


Ch Am Ch Kennebec Jolly Roger. 


Sire Am Ch. Joseter Grassanmore ROMs  Dam. Am Ch Mariel's Sweet Dreams 

Born 4 July 2003.


Owned by Helen Bole Jones and Bob Caldwell.

U.K. Handler Peter Clifton.

U.S. Handler Tim Zeith.

Ch Joseter Popham.


Sire Ch Am Ch Kennebec Jolly Roger. 

Dam Ch. Joseter Little Mill Malt.

Born 8 Feb 2009.

  American Cardigan National Speciality.


Best In Show 2004.


Am Ch Mariel's Sweet Dreams.

Owned by Helen Bole Jones and Bob Caldwell.

Dam Mariel's Sweet Dreams ROMb



Joseter Mr Bojangles,


Sire Joseter La-Froygs.


Dam Ch. Ir. Am Ch Joseter Ardbeg Malt.


Born. 20 Sep 2007.


Joseter Puppies from the Decade;



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