Education Films.


The role and value of breed-specific films available as part of the KC Academy subscription is marginal, at best. The JCF ambition to produce films for every breed seems unrealistic and poor value for money. The development of future breed films should be a choice for Breed Clubs, many of whom have sufficient funds to pay outright or to be supported by the KC Educational Trust.


Breed films can be beneficial in education of all interested in judging any breed but, more importantly, they offer information to a wide range of people, from those about to enter a breed, to those of long-standing. All judges should consider reviewing breed films prior to and after appointments. All breed films should follow the same format and be available on all breed clubs’ web sites as well as the Kennel Club’s Academy website.

Each breed should be encouraged to develop its own “illustrated Breed Standard” and make these available as pdf downloads, online. Several breeds already have these and examples could be made available as models for others to follow.


Example of education material produced free of cost can be found at under education. 

Peter Clifton.